8103 Clothing is a lifestyle brand established in 2003 with a focus on mixing skateboarding and pop culture into limitless apparel brand. All of our shirts are hand screen printed in our warehouse / showroom in Jacksonville, FL. 8103 is the product of raw passion and determination to create quality products that represent who are.

The story behind how 8103 Clothing was started is different than most. The owner/designer of the company was 18 yrs old going to college for fashion design and merchandising in Atlanta, Ga. At 19 he lost his older brother to a drug overdose while living together in Tallahassee, FL.

The loss created anger that was turned into determination to create a brand with a name that meant something. 1981 – 2003 were the 22 years my older brother lived on this earth. 8103 Clothing is a brand that was created in honor my brother and to all those who can relate to the loss of a family member.

From the support of our local following in Jacksonville Beach to our accounts all over the world, we have positioned 8103 Clothing as the premier brand of North Florida.

Fast Forward 13 years from when the brand was started.

The story continues with our relocation to Northern California and taking things back to our roots with the owner solely operating out of a garage hand screen printing shirts in Nevada City, CA.

In May of 2015 the owner lost his Mom suddenly to a heart attack. For the next year he chose to keep the Flagship store in Jacksonville Beach open due to the overwhelming support from the locals in the community. Almost a year passed and the owner’s Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Mucosal Melanoma. Due to wanting to help the family, the owner decided to close the flagship store to spend time with his Dad battling cancer. The battle was short and the owner’s Dad passed away in the middle of September 2016.

From the loss of both parents the owner wanted a fresh start. After living in Jacksonville Beach, FL for over 30 years and running a successful local business it was time for new inspiration. The brand has been strategically placed in a small historic town in Nevada City, CA. Stay posted for our new releases and Pop-up shops in California in the upcoming months. Handmade in Gold Country.

Thank you for supporting an independent business.

8103 Clothing Inc. Est 2003. Jacksonville Beach, FL. Keeping The Memory Alive.